London…- where is the excitement?

Don’t get me wrong: London is an exciting city… for a first ( or second,third etc) time visitor. It’s been slowly two years since I moved out of it after living there for a year. A year enjoying all that the Brit capital has to offer.

Now, for some reason I see the city with different eyes. Of course, it’s still beautiful and diverse… but the agitation, the dirty streets, the noisy traffic became unbearable. My eyes and all my senses involuntarily compare it to Switzerland.

In the chaos I’m trying to avoid, looking for the beauty I used to admire, I still find the same pleasures in the very well known places. 

A moment of relax in the middle of the crazy wildness with the iconic Big Ben in the background is a real blessing in a sunny day. Just a few steps away, a stroll on the riverside with the view of the London Eye and possibly a drink on one of the boat terraces could be also as pleasant if there were not so many tourists around.

In any case, if you get to meet the right people, which happens to be locals, they will know where to take you to wake up the fading love you have for the city. You don’t live the experience truly if you skip going out in Picadilly. Located between Oxford and Picadilly Circus, a not popular or fancy underground, members only bar takes you right to the tube ( Brittish version of metro). The bar transformed in London underground has fascinating atmopshere, generous bartenders, great music and pleasant crowd. It does worth paying a visit – discovering or redescovering London’s nightlife…



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