Accross the border

I was telling you in a previous post how great day trips are. I have to add also, that residing in Zürich opens many possibilities for such getaways not only on the territory of Switzerland. It’s very common to just quickly, less than 90 min train ride, hop to the German neighbors, usually for shopping in the charming little Konstanz. 

I love watching the fields as they change colors and shapes with the movement of the train. The warm temperature and the smooth balancing of the train relaxes my eyes so much that I nearly completely forget where I am and I have just time with myself, meditating about everything and nothing. I could watch this picture for hours, as it’s changing outside of the window. 

I get a little bit of everything, here a little hill, there a spot of flag field, in a distance some cows and farmers working hard.

Just before I reach my destination I can spot bigger and bigger parts of the beautiful Bodensee. That’s gonna be my first stop in the city, I want to see it from closer and join the crowd on the lakeside for a short stroll.

Once batteries charged, let’s not forget that Konstanz is not a bad place for shopping. The small size of the town and in particular of the center, makes it very handy to check out dozens of stores in a short time. Prices are relatively low or average and the stores are placed in a cute setting, with little cafes, restaurants and terraces, also delicious ice cream places surrounded.

They are all inviting and cosy, friendly and perfect for a few hours getaway. More than that might be too much though. As evening comes, complete silence covers Konstanz, the nightmare of party animals.


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