Simply amazing Lagos – Portugal

After traveling around the country, from north I made it all the way down to south. The long train ride was enjoyable, but a bit tiring too. Mood is good but for some reason I don’t expect much from this city…That’s why I booked the accommodation just for one night. Who would expect that this, at first sight just a typical seaside town, would impress me so much that I would skip the capital just to be able to enjoy my time there longer? Yes, I ended up staying in Lagos until the very end of my trip, so amazing it was! 
It all started with the first impression… The extremely friendly lady at the hostel and the eye catching sunset, both received me with such a warm welcome that I just fell in love with the place instantly.

The next day started as well as the previous ended. Jogging while admiring the sunrise and listening to the ocean, the perfect picture!
   And certainly a mesmerizing sunrise! With such a start it’s impossible having a bad day, especially that the breakfast is served with a large smile and a welcoming “Bom dia” at every footstep. 

Strolling around the town I found several cute restaurants and terraces, which are not so crowded considering the off peak season and that’s the best about it. Lagos must be the same cool place also in summer, but I believe you don’t get the chance to experience the locals real identity. Under such a pressure I doubt they can be so friendly and social, though I’d give it a try then too…However, the kindness of locals it’s unbelievable, feels so homelike and the chilling places are even more inviting when a positive quote brings a smile on your face,no?
While in Lagos, a short boat trip to the grottos it’s a must, even if it’s not sunny and the ocean might be a little less calm. 
 Also, if it’s a bit rainy, my dears, no reason to get grumpy! A winter coat on and a stroll around the town is full of pleasant surprises and the sun can come out in any second…or not. However, I found some nice things that I discovered in a rainy day: the cute flowers at the road side and the cheap shops. 
Still, the most memorable in Lagos stays the sunrise and the evenings at the ocea. I can’t get tired of it…Every day starts and ends in the same spot, watching the same ocean, the same sun, but having always a different kind of joy and satisfaction.







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