Anzac Day in Canberra

When Australians couldn’t decide which big city to put as capital, Sydney or Melbourne, they came up with a solution: let’s create a new one and build it up between the two above mentioned ones.

The compromise seems to be working well and Canberra is proudly hosting now not just one, but two parliament houses, an old and a new. Besides all the government institutions, Canberra has a strong art and history presence as well.

The Australian War Memorial reaches its highest number of visitors every year on April 25 with the occasion of Anzac Day. The acronym ANZAC stands for

Australian and New Zealander Army Corps, whose soldiers were knows as Anzacs.

The powerful dawn service that takes place in the nations capital and every major city around the continent brings together thousands of people who pay their respect for the soldiers that lost their lives in the war.

The rather poor weather conditions did not stop this year approximately 38.000 people from making their way to the Australian War Memorial, even though for many of them that meant kilometers of walking. Powerful messages has been delivered by veterans in a solemn mood.

Thousands of hearts were beating in the same rhythm and tears shedding while singing proudly the lyrics of the national anthem with litten candles in hands.

Australians by nature or choice, we all placed our poppies to a name on the Roll of Honour and with a high respect for those that fought to make the world a better place : lest we forget …


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