Wonderful Zürich

Sometimes I need to think a bit about where is exactly in my case what we call:home.Home is where I was born and raised and I have my family or where I live now with no relatives around? It doesn’t really matter which one is it in the end, certain is that for more than a year now my comfort zone, my settlement and my place close to my heart is Zürich.

Zürich is rather small and peaceful, but in the same time has a great cosmopolitan and international spirit.

In my vision is also the most beautiful city and it definitely is one of the cleanest and safest not only in Switzerland.

Today was a sunny day…Zürich is wonderful in sunny days.Hiking up to Üetliberg took me around 40 minutes.Easy hike,fresh air,always the same breathtaking view,but every time blowing me away and making me fall in love again and again with this place.



I wonder… shall I call home this place that offers me such a good feeling of being just in the right spot in the right time?…


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