A piece of China in the heart of Zürich


It’s that month of the year when the gates of the beautiful Chinagarten open again. Between April-November for 4 Chf everyone is welcome to step in this mesmerizing little park,where you completely forget about the outside world and for a while even about the fact that you are still in Switzerland.

Located right next to Zürichsee,just a few steps from downtown, Chinagarten awaits it’s visitors with the most beautiful magnolia trees and unique Chinese pavilions.




The garden is a gift from the Chinese partnertown ,Kunming and besides the buildings  it contains a complex mixture of plants and water world.



 Pleasing to the eye,mind and soul – Chinagarten is the place to go on a sunny spring ( or summer or fall )day. The smell of the magnolia and the perfect harmony of the place is capable to produce magic.



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