Happy 3rd one!

Happy 3rd one!
On an October 15, 3 years ago I was excitedly departing London with destination Zurich, were I wasn’t yet sure what I’m gonna find. Didn’t know anyone, just had a job offer for 3 months.

 Now, I find myself in the same city 3 years after. Stuck in Switzerland! But so happy that life surprised me with this. At times it’s been a bumpy road, but always with a positive result and a collection of amazing memories and a better and more developed self, even a slightly improved German. 

I discovered here how important is for me to connect with nature and enjoy it’s beauty while hiking, biking or simply just wandering.

I started seeing winter not only a cold season, but a beautiful and energizing one by reinventing myself in the breathtaking Alps while snowboarding.

Managed to refresh a bit my German knowledge and picked up some funny expressions from the local dialect.

Danced my way around either in dirndl or lederhosen at the Zurichian version Oktoberfest.

 Ticked one of my bucketlist thing to do: paragliding.

I keep eating the best chocolate in the world!

Those above and many others formed me into a collector of memories and not things, into someone that appreciates little things cause they provoke big smiles.

Unexpected changes, good and not so, the arrival of special people and the bitter taste of their sudden departure from my life, that’s also part of the experience here, in Zurich. The city treats me with a permanent diversity in the matter of climate and in matter of people I come across with. Most of us seem to be passengers with similar history, sharing the same place, doing our best to blend in and take out the best of it. Although they all complain about the coldness of the swiss, I do feel it too to a certain level, gladly I experienced their warm side too. A nation that is well-known as distant, neutral and rather straight-faced, often refuses to deal with open, warm and outgoing personalities. With all these I somehow felt always accepted and welcome and didn’t mind showing my feelings even though they may have seemed a bit too much: ” you are too passionate”, ” you talk too much”, ” you simply can be too much for anybody” – my outgoing swiss friend would often mention with his best intentions. We have great laughs about it and life goes on… a mystery until how many more anniversaries… ‘Til then: cheers!



A piece of China in the heart of Zürich


It’s that month of the year when the gates of the beautiful Chinagarten open again. Between April-November for 4 Chf everyone is welcome to step in this mesmerizing little park,where you completely forget about the outside world and for a while even about the fact that you are still in Switzerland.

Located right next to Zürichsee,just a few steps from downtown, Chinagarten awaits it’s visitors with the most beautiful magnolia trees and unique Chinese pavilions.




The garden is a gift from the Chinese partnertown ,Kunming and besides the buildings  it contains a complex mixture of plants and water world.



 Pleasing to the eye,mind and soul – Chinagarten is the place to go on a sunny spring ( or summer or fall )day. The smell of the magnolia and the perfect harmony of the place is capable to produce magic.


Wonderful Zürich

Sometimes I need to think a bit about where is exactly in my case what we call:home.Home is where I was born and raised and I have my family or where I live now with no relatives around? It doesn’t really matter which one is it in the end, certain is that for more than a year now my comfort zone, my settlement and my place close to my heart is Zürich.

Zürich is rather small and peaceful, but in the same time has a great cosmopolitan and international spirit.

In my vision is also the most beautiful city and it definitely is one of the cleanest and safest not only in Switzerland.

Today was a sunny day…Zürich is wonderful in sunny days.Hiking up to Üetliberg took me around 40 minutes.Easy hike,fresh air,always the same breathtaking view,but every time blowing me away and making me fall in love again and again with this place.



I wonder… shall I call home this place that offers me such a good feeling of being just in the right spot in the right time?…